T20 MAX All-Rounder with 3 Lenses


New for 2024


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Modern styling, ultra versatile. Unbeatable price.

Designed for daylight, overcast, and end-of-day playing conditions. Suitable for red, white, and pink ball matches. 

Developed with the help of Glenn Maxwell. Born from two years of research and testing, The T20 MAX All-Rounder® is our first-ever performance cricket product. A timeless triple-threat of comfort, fit, and clarity – pro-spec cricket eyewear within everyone’s reach.

The T20 All-Rounder® has a wider lens to ensure no unwanted light gets in during any sporting activity you take part in. Its round shape around the eyes ensures you always have a stable fit whilst providing extra comfort.
A new comfortable adjustable nose piece has been added to ensure the best fit for every unique individual. You can bend and mould the nose pieces in any way to find the perfect fit for you!


Orange Reflective

Used for red and pink ball cricket. Maximises clarity and enhanced vision during extreme sunny conditions. Helps increase visibility of objects by filtering out light.

Black Polarised

Used for white and red ball cricket. Enhances your vision by minimising the amount of light that bounces off surfaces. Perfect for extremely hot, clear sky sunny days.

Yellow Light Enhancing

Used for white and pink ball cricket. Make your surroundings look lighter and brighter! Perfect for cloudy and overcast conditions as this lens helps increase depth perception.


  • 3 interchangeable lenses with UV400 sun protection
  • Adjustable Nose Piece for perfect fit
  • Includes protective hard case

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