Kookaburra Pro 600 Cricket Helmet


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Kookaburra Pro 600 Cricket Helmet


  • DNA - Grade 3.
  • Certificated against BS7928:2013.
  • Fully compliant to Australian Protective Standards.
  • Ergonomically designed shape for superb comfort, fit and visibility
  • Lightweight ABS protection with unique ‘shock dissipating’ polymer lining.
  • Lightweight Steel Faceguard.
  • ‘KCS’ Kookaburra Control System adjustment allows custom fit to maximise protection.
  • Pro Preferred Cloth Covering.
  • Fitted with a Geo Steel grille as standard. The Geo Steel grille utilises Geodesic designs which are mathematically proven to be ultra strong structures. The use of Geodesic designs ensures the grille has optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions. All bars of the Geo grille feature properties of Geodesic curvature.

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