Kookaburra Bubble 3 Star Cricket Bat


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Kookaburra Bubble 3 Star Cricket Bat

Willow Grade: 5 / Toe Guard: Yes / Face: Natural / Pre-Prep: Yes / Knocked in: No

The return of the Iconic Kookaburra Bubble - recreated with contemporary graphics.


  • WILLOW TYPE - Grade 5 – these bats have been selected during Kookaburra's production process for their performance, they will be more heavily stained than other bats but may still play as well as more expensive options.
  • SWEET SPOT - Mid Blade (210mm - 240mm from toe).
  • EDGE THICKNESS - Approximately 34mm to 38mm.
  • EDGE PROFILE - Round.
  • FACE PROFILE - Rounded.
  • TOE PROFILE - Standard.
  • SPINE HEIGHT - Approximately 65mm to 67mm.
  • SCALLOP - Approximately 1mm to 2mm.
  • BOW - Approximately 10mm to 12mm.
  • HANDLE - Oval. Kookaburra handles utilise multiple pieces of specially selected cane to enhance strength. This reinforces the bond between handle and blade thus maximising durability and power transfer.
  • GRIP - Hexa.

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