GM Mana L540 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat


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GM Mana L540 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat

Willow Grade : 1+ / Toe Guard : Yes / Face : Clear Anti Scuff / Pre-Prepared : Yes / Knocked in : Yes / Ready to Play : Yes

The Mana L540 DXM blade length combined with the sizeable offset edges provide a large dynamic sweetspot and increased power to balance ratio. The mid swell position and the concaving through the back of the profile means the pick-up is maximised. The Mana has been engineered for power in the drive zone which will help you light up the crease. The Mana features the new Fuze grip, which ensures a balance between grip and feel. Predominantly straight grained with a hint of colour and minor cosmetic blemishes. Fitted with top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control. GM NOW! & ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard. New GM Fuze grip.


  • Shortened L540 blade design for adynamic sweetspot.
  • Handle length 310mm.
  • F4.5 face profile.
  • Engineered power in the drivezone.
  • Powerarc bow face profile.
  • Concaved back profile forimproved pick-up.
  • Mid to low swell position forallround power play.
  • Max swell depth - 60mm.
  • Max edge width - 34mm.
  • Volume of blade in cm3 - 2214 cm3.

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